NEROLI - made with neroli essential oil

Neroli is a refreshing floral fragrance featuring notes of sweet and slightly bitter citrus, with hints of fresh green undertones. This sacred oil has been cherished for centuries in Southeast Asia and ancient Egypt. As a natural remedy, Neroli is known for its ability to help relieve stress and build a protective aura and shield from negative vibrations. Its purifying properties were highly valued, and it was often used to anoint sacred objects and scent holy places. The oil was famously discovered in jars among the treasures found in Tutankhamun's tomb.

PALO SANTO - made with palo santo essential oil

Palo Santo which means " holy wood" has been used for centuries by the indigenous people of the Andes for sacred spiritual rituals. Related to Frankincense, Myrrh and Copal.  The lovely earthy scent of Palo Santo is know for its calming effect and  transmuting low vibrations. D-limonene, a component of it, has powerful emotional healing properties. By balancing the root chakra, this oil gives us a sense of security and stability. Additionally, it helps the crown and third eye chakras, enhancing spirituality and vision.

WHITE SAGE - made with white sage essential oil

White Sage has an earthy aroma that is both grounding and soothing. Its subtle yet powerful scent fills a room with a sense of purity and tranquility. The fragrance is fresh and herbaceous, reminiscent of the sage plant itself. It's perfect for creating a meditative atmosphere and is ideal for those seeking a natural, earthy scent. Indigenous tribes have long used White Sage as incense and a purifying herb. The Latin word for sage, "Salvia," comes from the word "to heal" and symbolizes protection and healing in many indigenous cultures. White Sage is known to drive out low vibrations and increase spiritual awareness. It's no coincidence that wise spiritual people are often referred to as "sagely."



ATLANTIS - notes : sea salt, mandarin, white musk

This airy fragrance with notes of sea salt, mandarin and white musk will transport you to crystal-clear waters and white sandy beaches that embody the essence of the legendary island of Atlantis. The legend of Atlantis was highly advanced, not just technologically, but also spiritually. The people of Atlantis were deeply connected to the natural world and possessed a profound understanding of the universe. They are said to have harnessed the power of the elements and used their knowledge for the betterment of all beings.It is believed that the sinking of Atlantis was a result of the Atlanteans choosing to let go of their physical form and merge with the universe, becoming one with the energy that flows through all things."


DREAMCATCHER - notes : lavender, vanilla

Immerse yourself in the alluring aroma of lavender, known for its ability to create a serene and tranquil atmosphere. As the scent gently caresses your senses, envision a peaceful dreamscape unfolding before you. Intertwined with the lavender, French vanilla adds a touch of indulgence and sophistication, infusing the fragrance with depth and richness. Just as a dreamcatcher weaves intricate patterns to capture and filter dreams, this harmonious blend captures your attention, allowing your mind to wander into a realm of tranquil dreams.

HAVANA - notes : tobacco, vanilla, nutmeg

Immerse yourself in the essence of "Havana," a fragrance that transports you through the lively streets of the iconic city.  A charismatic scent with its smooth blend of creamy vanilla and velvety tobacco notes, evoking the richness of the finest Cuban cigars.

LUNA - notes : lavender, amber, sandalwood 

Drawing inspiration from the moon's mystique, Luna is a magical fragrance that begins with soothing lavender notes, invoking tranquility like a calm night under a crescent moon. Infused with seductive amber, it exudes a subtle warmth and sensual allure reminiscent of moonlit encounters. As the fragrance develops, sandalwood emerges, imparting a rich and woody aroma, mirroring the earthy scents of the full moon. The harmonious blend captures both masculine and feminine energies, resulting in an elegant scent experience that echoes the mysterious dance of the moon's cycles.

MAHALO - notes : green leaves, gardenia , tuberose

Mahalo is a luxurious fragrance that captures the essence of paradise. This scent is a beautiful combination of gardenias and tuberose in full bloom.
Mahalo is a Hawaiian word that expresses gratitude, thanks, admiration, praise, and respect. According to legend, the goddess Pele first spoke the word to express her gratitude for the gifts of the land and sea. Today, Mahalo is an integral part of Hawaiian culture and is used in ceremonies and everyday conversation to express gratitude and appreciation. 

NATIVE WOODS - notes : fraser fir, moss, evergreen, cedarwood

Experience the beauty of nature with Native Woods. This exquisite fragrance captures the very essence of a peaceful walk through the forest, immersing you in the calming scents of Fraser Fir and Moss. With a subtle hint of Cedarwood, Native Woods delivers the perfect blend of evergreen freshness. Allow the pure and natural aroma of Native Woods to transport you to a tranquil outdoor haven, where crisp air and earthy fragrances rejuvenate your senses.

PHARAOH - notes: myrrh, frankincense, sandalwood

a fragrance that pays homage to the legendary pharaoh, Hatshepsut. Inspired by the grandeur and grace of Hatshepsut's reign, this scent captures her spirit and power. The fragrance opens with notes of Egyptian myrrh, and hints of sandalwood and frankincense emerge, reminiscent of the opulent palaces and temples she constructed. "Pharaoh" transports you to an era of prosperity, celebrating the legacy of a remarkable ruler. 

QUENEPA - notes: spanish lime, citrus blend

a delightful fusion of zesty Spanish lime and enchanting bursts of citrusy goodness. Quenepas are celebrated across the Caribbean islands and South American countries. In Suriname, the land where my roots reside, they are known as"Knippa," echoing the same name shared in Puerto Rico. This unique fruits embody the perfect marriage of lime and lychee, resulting in a remarkable blend that tantalizes your taste buds with its sweet yet tangy citrus profile.

ROSE - notes : fresh cut roses

This classic and timeless rose fragrance is reminiscent of a beautiful bouquet of freshly-cut roses. Its true rose scent captures the essence of femininity and romance, transporting you to a blooming garden filled with the delicate petals of this beloved flower. 

VANILLA NOIR - notes : tahitian vanilla

Vanilla Noir pays tribute to the captivating legacy of Tahitian vanilla. This fragrance embodies the warmth and sensuality that define this sought-after variety. Its aroma exudes a subtle smokiness and rustic edge, enhancing the depth and character of the creamy vanilla base. With a harmonious blend of comforting and intriguing notes, Vanilla Noir captures the essence of Tahitian vanilla's allure. From the French Polynesian islands to the depths of the vanilla bean, this fragrance celebrates and encapsulates the mesmerizing heritage of this esteemed ingredient.