Signature Collection

ATLANTIS - Salty oceanic notes with musk.
    BLACKCURRANT - Fresh blackcurrant berry with a light floral hint of geranium rose and sparkling citrus.

    LAS PALMAS - Fruity cactus blossom with refreshing green palm leaves.

    GARDENIA - Irresistibly beautiful Gardenias in full bloom with a touch of Jasmine & White Lilies.

    DREAMCATCHER - Soothing lavender flower with sweet vanilla base notes.

    HAVANA - A warm fragrance of tobacco with elements of nutmeg and clove surrounded by smooth vanilla bean.

    VANILLA NOIR - Intoxicating smoky Tahitian vanilla.


    Sacred Collection 

    PALO SANTO - a uplifting resinous aroma with woody notes of Palo Santo and the sweet smoothness of Frankincense and Myrrh.

    WHITE SAGE - light herbal scent with earthy notes that makes it presence known.