Thank you for taking an interest in my candles! It is a labor of love that I genuinely do with passion. First and foremost, WITHLOVEPEARL candles are handcrafted with love. All candles are hand-poured and labeled by yours truly in small batches using a proprietary blend of soy wax, phthalate-free fragrances and/or essential oils with lead-free cotton wicks. Each fragrance blend contributes to an exclusively unique scent of tropical florals and exotic earthy woods. The inspiration for all scents come from places I have visited and my daily spiritual self-care. WITHLOVEPEARL candles are intended to take time for yourself and support you during your favorite self-care practices. I hope by burning my candles, you'll find time for yourself and relax. You deserve it!
With Love, Pearl



Born and raised in Amsterdam the Netherlands by Surinamese parents,
Pearl traveled the world as an international model before moving to Brooklyn, NY, 15+ years ago. Her desire to work behind the scenes of the fashion industry led to a series of jobs in photo production and casting.
Her interest in candle making came during a challenging time in 2016 when she received a candle making kit from her love as a birthday gift. Learning and perfecting the art form of candle making became a way of active meditation expressed as a form of healing, with which she fell in love.
She started gifting candles to friends and family, and shortly after, everyone began to inquire about purchasing more. Her love encouraged her to start selling, but she brushed it off, knowing that timing is everything, such is the art of candle making. Instinctively each candle gifted was signed off with love, pearl. When finally deciding to start selling, she struggled to find a name for the candle line but decided to keep it just as is, with love, pearl. The rest is history.
W  I  T  H  L  O  V  E  P  E  A  R  L